Saturday 1/13/2018

‘Team Husband’ Episode 14 STORY FINALE is up here:

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  1. 4-1-2017

    I’m very impressed with your stories! I too love doing action figure photo stories & I must say your writing, photography,sets & costuming are excellent. I really enjoy the irony, sarcasm & humor you inject into the dialogue. The pacing of the action is right on target too. Looking forward to seeing many more stories!

    • 4-19-2017

      Thank you so much Vaughn!! I appreciate it! JATMAN

  2. 4-3-2017

    Hi there,

    I have a question for you. You are the one that make custom hot toyright? If I wanted a character from any video game for example, would you be able to make it? If you are able, how much would it cost? How can I contract you? please let me know. I’d like to discuss this some more


    • 4-19-2017

      I emailed you! Thanks for your post.

  3. 6-2-2017

    I read tons of Fan Fiction, this reads like. LOVING it. Thanks for taking time to entertain us all these years.

    • 7-21-2017

      Thanks so much Bev!! I truly appreciate it. JATMAN

  4. 6-10-2017

    “Let’s play, Ho!,” pretty much says it all! [I’m still giggling!] Can’t Wait for episode 3 of Team Husband…

  5. 9-2-2017

    You are really such an inspiration to all of us who enjoy this art form. I can’t thank you enough for your professionalism and the wonderful information that you share on how you create your dioramas, sets, costumes, and where you shop for the items and dolls, or “models” as I prefer to call them. Thank you Johanna. Your incredibly hard work is very much appreciated.

    Very Sincerely,
    Robin S

    • 9-8-2017

      Thanks so very much Robin! I truly appreciate your kind words. JATMAN

  6. 11-12-2017

    Wait–was Image Eternal supposed to be only 2 episodes–judging from the end credits–?? That’s So Sad–you can’t let those twins win…

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