Saturday 8/19/2017

‘Team Husband’ Episode 8 VIDEO is here:


In Case You Missed it:  ‘Team Husband’ Episode 7 STORY is here:

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  1. 4-1-2017

    I’m very impressed with your stories! I too love doing action figure photo stories & I must say your writing, photography,sets & costuming are excellent. I really enjoy the irony, sarcasm & humor you inject into the dialogue. The pacing of the action is right on target too. Looking forward to seeing many more stories!

    • 4-19-2017

      Thank you so much Vaughn!! I appreciate it! JATMAN

  2. 4-3-2017

    Hi there,

    I have a question for you. You are the one that make custom hot toyright? If I wanted a character from any video game for example, would you be able to make it? If you are able, how much would it cost? How can I contract you? please let me know. I’d like to discuss this some more


    • 4-19-2017

      I emailed you! Thanks for your post.

  3. 6-2-2017

    I read tons of Fan Fiction, this reads like. LOVING it. Thanks for taking time to entertain us all these years.

    • 7-21-2017

      Thanks so much Bev!! I truly appreciate it. JATMAN

  4. 6-10-2017

    “Let’s play, Ho!,” pretty much says it all! [I’m still giggling!] Can’t Wait for episode 3 of Team Husband…

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