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‘K-Pop Me’ Episode 9 Video is up here:


Here’s some photos from next week’s episode:


My laptop battery is dying and causing me grief on doing important stuff, like restarting on own while I’m in the middle of loading videos to YouTube, so I gave last week.  I have an appointment to get it fixed next week, hopefully there will be no delays in posting next week’s story. 

I’ve been WORKING, so many dioramas up and down.  I’m on my last one for ‘Team Husband’, filming ten more scenes and my 15-episode story will be completely filmed and half written.  So it’s been moved up to the next story in line after ‘K-Pop Me’, yea! 

Here’s some sneak peaks at dioramas from it:


The boutique:

I’m off to film as many scenes as I can this weekend in the boutique so I can be DONE!!  Thanks for reading!!  JATMAN


  1. 3-18-2017

    Oh! Awesome dioramas. Seriously gorgeous dolls in high class, quality settings. Love your male action figures. Hubba hunky.

    Thanks for sharing especially given your computer problems!

    • 3-31-2017

      Thank so much!! Laptop’s back in action with a new battery. I’m running at full speed again. Thanks so much for looking!! JATMAN

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