A Interstellar JoBot expressing my imagination through an ordinary human female.   With hundreds of stories already finished and ready to show you, and thousands more coming to mind with every second, only my human’s time and funding slow me down.

My host is multicultural, multiracial with an interesting enough background to conjure up many facets of humanity.  I must admit,  I’ve noticed she has a propensity to write romance into any story she can, while, I just want to kick some butt.

My love for your movies and television has no bounds and will shine through often.  I love action, martial arts and above all, not being from here, all things outer space.   I must work with my host to develop new ways to create sets for the grand theatrics I plan to show you.

Not buying any of that? Really? It’s so much more exciting than the real thing.  I’m Johanna. I live in Southern California, I’ve got a big extended family who I want to take this opportunity to thank profusely for letting me represent them with dolls and put them in stories.  Another big thank you to all the doll collecting friends who have already become my fans through DollDivas, the Fashion Royalty convention, Prego and Pink Parlor.  My goal is to entertain, make you laugh, make the scenes so real you forget they’re dolls and keep you coming back every week for more.

Thank you to Enrique of Chack Designs for creating all my Jo-Bot logos and my main JATMANStories logo.

Since you’re reading this, thank you for visiting my site.




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  1. 5-19-2012

    You are awesome….creative…..I enjoy your stories. Dont stop it. We love it. Good luck .

    • 12-9-2012

      hey jatman love the duel! so can you continue it? what happens after demarco and elizibetta wed?( i spelled that wrong lol)

    • 12-9-2012

      hey jatman love the duel! so can you continue it? what happens after demarco and elizibetta wed?( i spelled that wrong lol)

  2. 5-23-2012

    Hi Jo….Never stop following your dreams….you are amazing creative!!!!!

  3. 6-16-2012

    You take Dioramas creations & photo stories to a whole ‘nother level. Applause!! Amazing!!!

  4. 8-4-2012

    LOL! I just love your intro! Your creativity knows noooo bounds! You ROCK OUT LOUD!!

    Dolly Hugs,

    Lo Lo (^_^)

    • 9-1-2012

      You Rock too Lo Lo!! Thanks for your post!

  5. 8-8-2012

    I’m new here and to fashion type dolls. At age 67 I bought myself a Barbie to play with my grands. Suddenly I’m obsessed with them. Is there a cure for this? LOL

    • 9-1-2012

      If it brings you true joy and hurts no one else, no need for a cure. Enjoy the heck out of it guilt-free.

  6. 12-16-2012

    Johanna you are a great creative person…Each story take time , patience and big work to make it….You are AMAZING!!!!!!!

    • 12-24-2012

      Thank you Amanda! I’m so happy you liked it.

  7. 7-17-2013

    I would love to know what stands you used on the girl dolls of your tutorial pictures. I’ve been desperately trying to find stands that will not stain with a funny color or bind/indent my dolls at the waist. Where did you get them and how much were they?

    • 7-19-2013

      The doll stands all came with my Integrity/Fashion Royalty dolls in their boxes. You’ll have to look for them separately 2nd hand from other Integrity collectors on ebay or The DollPage ads here: http://www.thedollpage.com/ads/. Good luck and thanks for your comment. JATMAN

  8. 8-23-2013

    Hi Johanna,
    Absolutely amazing props, stories and presentations!! Been away from the doll collecting for a while and it was such a pleasure to sit and catch up on all your stories I’ve missed over the years. Hope to chat some more with you so feel free to drop me a line at admin@lifecirclez.net. Warmest regards Hershey.

    • 8-25-2013

      Thanks so much Hershey!

  9. 8-29-2013

    You are everything your fans have said and more. I’m delighted to have tripped across your work through the pinterest pages. It’s been my pleasure visiting your site. I’ll be back!

    • 8-30-2013

      Thank you so much Christine! I appreciate you lovely words. Come back any time. JATMAN

  10. 12-16-2013

    I believe your diorama skills are only preceded by your fantastic imagination and outstanding capacity for writing!
    Your wit and humor are much of what draws me into the stories…I am happy you have a supportive family & hubby that are in sync with your vision for Jatman!


    • 12-17-2013

      Thank you so Nan! I appreciate it to so much. With all the work you do on your stories I know you can relate. I’ll do my best to keep it interesting. JATMAN

  11. 8-2-2014

    I just discovered your website yesterday and have spent two days exploring. You have done a marvelous job on all fronts. The stories are entertaining and well executed, but after a read-through the real fun is going back and studying your sets and the way you style and animate your actors. Your tutorials are very well done and offer a ton of information. Thank you for such an enjoyable visit – I’ll be back for more!

    • 8-3-2014

      Thanks so much Mary! I truly appreciate you very kind words. JATMAN

  12. 1-15-2015

    Hi, Jatman! I am so happy that I’ve found your website, because I just love it! Thank you so much for all the incredible work you do! I am also doing doll dioramas, and I find a lot of your pictures very inspiring.

    • 1-15-2015

      Thanks so much Ira. I truly appreciate it. I’m so glad you enjoy dioramas as well. They’re so fun do. The hours just fly by. JATMAN

  13. 2-24-2015


    Your work is phenomenal! I need your help.. I am hoping to do a personal video project and want to use 12″ dolls in the likeness of two local 80s celebrities.. I have searched high and low to find someone that can create/repaint one male and one female doll head that resemble these two particular people. I also would like hair style to be similar using synthetic hair. I have limited photos of these celebrities and am getting frustrated in my search.. Do u know anyone that could help me with my endeavor?.. Any direction would be greatly appreciated.. You seem to be a professional in these matters and I am extremely impressed with what you do…
    Best Regards, John

    • 2-24-2015

      Thanks so much John, my answer would be too long to put here, but I’ll email you. There are lots of repaint and reroot artists out there you can work with if you have the action figure and doll to start off with. JATMAN

  14. 10-31-2015

    I’m trying to make a custom 1/6 figure and I was wondering if you could give me some advice. Is there any way to contact you?

    I want to make a transgender figure of Venus Van Damme from Sons Of Anarchy. I’m having trouble choosing/creating a hybrid body.

    • 11-3-2015

      Emailed you. Thanks Paul!

  15. 4-17-2016

    Jatman do you have any daughter? or is this your hobby alone? You have gave me great idea, I have got your white bed and a couple other things from different rooms. when I get it up I will share it with u. Thanks.terri

    • 5-5-2016

      Hi Terri,

      I have no children, and I am very much a one-woman-shop. Looking forward to photos of your room! JATMAN

  16. 12-25-2016

    Hi, I’m a crazy doll fan for a long long time. It is thirty years since I got my first doll from my mom. I’m extremely addicted to the dioramas and miniatures. It was a wonderful day two years ago, I found your website here and was astonished by the stories you made. You know, I used to make some stories about dolls that were like what you did. I exactly know how hard it is to make a full and perfect story. So since that day I checked out this website, it seemed I found my dream world. I’ve learned something from you. It really helped me a lot. Thank you!

    And I’m from China, I have many doll friends there and they love dolls and miniatures a lot too. Usually, we share the information, pictures and anything about dolls with each other online. There’s one of the most popular bbs website called Baidu.com. We built up our own bbs group about dolls there. That’s our home.

    So kindly I have a question if you allow me to transfer your dolls’ stories to our bbs or not. Because they are amazing and it definitely will bring a lot of joy to us, and everyone can learn useful skills of making miniatures and sceneries from them. But because many of my doll friends don’t understand English well, so I need to edit the dialogues and translate it into Chinese. And We promise we won’t reproduce them anywhere. Not for commercials, not for money, only for enjoying the beautiful dioramas and sharing the technics of making stories.

    I won’t do anything without your permission. I respect you and your works. Thank you!

    • 4-19-2017

      Thanks so much Susan!! I email you. JATMAN

  17. 5-4-2017

    You are awesome! I’ve been watching your stuff for some years. Finally I decided to write you since I started making a big diorama (until now I just made some furnitures of wood and miniatures). If you want to take a glimpse of them I have them on my Etsy shop DamsDolls. Also I will show you pictures when I end my 1:12 diorama!
    You are a HUGE inspiration for us the makers. When I feel frustrated I read one of your stories and inspire again.
    Also do you have an instagram account?
    Thank you!

    • 7-21-2017

      Thanks so very much!! Saw your Etsy page, kudos for working with anything that small, holy cow! 1/6th scale is as small as I’m going to get. Great luck to you! JATMAM

  18. 6-1-2017

    Does team husband had no continuation after episodes 1-3? 🙁

    • 7-21-2017

      More is coming. One week at a time. keep checking for more updates. Thanks so much for reading! JATMAN

  19. 1-9-2018

    Hi Johanna! I just love how you presented yourself! Like your stories, it is so creative funny and refreshing! I just watched your K Pop series end to end and LOVED it! I’ll be checking out some of your other video stories too! I LOVE what you do, please keep it up! Also I have to say a big thank you to you for all the info and tutorials you have provided to fellow collectors especially on action figures. I finally plucked up the courage to buy my first action figure guy and he is on his way to me now from the far east – well, you know an body and a head – I just hope he fits together okay! Hope your tummy is less sore and you are properly on the mend now!
    Dolly hugs!

    • 1-13-2018

      Thanks so very much Jocelyn!!! You rock! JATMAN

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