Female Fashion Dolls 1/6 Scale

For any information about body types, height, etc, see all my dolls in this tutorial:

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To the Gentlemen Actors:

Actors - Gentlemen 03


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  1. 8-7-2014

    How you can buy all this ixepencive dolls i like them but i can’t buy them please tell me if you buy them chep web or from ebay.thank for all of your stories.

    • 8-8-2014

      Thank you for your comments, Shandimla. I get my dolls everywhere, ebay, online stores, 2nd hand on DollPage.com. I mostly buy heads at this point because I’m running out of room for any more bodies or doll boxes. Barbies are the most inexpensive dolls to purchase at this point. They’re making more of them articulated, so I recommend you start there. Thanks again. JATMAN

  2. 9-27-2015

    Hi, love your site and your dolls are gorgeous! What DG body is your Blonde City Shopper Barbie (winter dress) on? I have the same doll am trying to re-body her. Thanks!

    • 9-30-2015

      Thanks Yvonne! I racked my brain trying to figure out which Dynamite girl she’s on, it’s an older model Jett with the early knees. I bought a lot of those when they were popular to put all my Barbie heads on. It’s hard to match the skin color on this Barbie head exactly. this combo is a little off, but it doesn’t look bad in photos. I hope that helps. JATMAN

  3. 3-28-2016

    Jatman, I so need your help in the shoe department. My two color Infusion I got nude, I brought some shoe’s, way to big. Help any sites for my wide toe girl’s lol

  4. 5-21-2016

    What a fantastic collection! Do you do your own repaints? They’re beautiful!

    • 5-25-2016

      I wish I could do repaints! I’d have new dolls all the time. Another skill I wish I had, re-rooting. Tried it, and after making my fingers bleed, gave up quickly. Thanks for your post, Vicky! JATMAN

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