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My collection is filled with Hot Toys, DID, HeadPlay, Soldier Story, Dragon and many other Action Figures.  I Frankenstein them on a regular basis. Beheading can happen daily depending on what body type I need my character to be on and what clothes I have for that body type. I’m thrilled at all the wonderful choices of 30-Point articulated Action Figures on the market now.  Below are my actors and their manufacturers.

If you want more information, check out my Action Figure Tutorial here:

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To Female Actresses:

Actors - Ladies 03


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  1. 8-16-2014

    The collection of male figures you have amassed is staggering! You have just about created an all encompassing reference page for 12″ male dolls aka “action figures”. Whenever I think I have too many dolls, I just refer back to Jatman and then think…no I don’t!!

    • 8-19-2014

      I’m feeling a little guilty for spending my every last dime that’s not for bills on this hobby….. aaand the guilt-time is over. Must be done, I need a good variety of actors for my stories. Is it my fault they just keep making more and more hot men to buy? I only buy heads at this point. I just switch them out on the bodies I have. No room for anything else. But what my boys really want to know is, how’s their acting? Are they more than a pretty face? They hope so, and so do I. Thanks Midge. If they make you happy, you have a place to put them in your house and they don’t drive you into bankruptcy, you can never have too many. JATMAN

  2. 3-30-2016

    Have you ever considered doing stop motion movies? I think you would be great at it.

    • 3-31-2016

      Thanks so much DeSean! I have thought seriously about it, but the amount of work, hours and effort it would take to film just 1 scene stop motion would take me years to get the rest of my story done. I’m a one-man-shop, and stop motion needs a team of people to complete the simplest of scenes. When I find a cloning machine, I’m all over it. LOL. Thanks again! JATMAN

  3. 4-6-2017

    I’m searching for 7″ action figure type dolls can you help me locate thanks

    • 4-15-2017

      Hi Gloria, thanks for your post. Unfortunately I don’t have any references for 7″ as I’ve never collected that size and haven’t searched around for them. I Googled “7” action figure” and found quite a few, but I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for. Wish I could be more help. Good luck! JATMAN

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