Like everyone else, I love the movies and television: from action-adventure and romance, to martial arts and sci-fi. Let's add to that list commercials, telenovelas, soap operas—and pretty much every entertainment cliché and trope ever popularized.

Whereas most people are happy renting videos, I create my own stories; build my own sets; cast my own actors. Unfortunately I don't have the multi-million dollar budgets and can't afford the big-name stars. In fact, I can't afford any actors at all.

So I use dolls.

All my fictions unfold on stages that are 1/6 scale. Some people might call these dioramas, I call them my world.


  1. 5-19-2012

    Wow your going all out big Time, I will share this site with the Australian Barbie Club.. Have you ran out of Vegemite yet… hehe
    Hugs Rieckie

  2. 6-8-2012

    I enjoy all……you are amazing!!!!. Love you.

  3. 9-18-2015

    I’ve been reading and really enjoying your show’s. Love love it.

    • 9-23-2015

      Thanks Terri!

  4. 9-18-2015

    You have inspired me to make the A room,

    keep up the good work.

  5. 6-9-2016

    I love all your work you do such a great job on making the sets and all . Thanks for shareing all your hard work. I’m a fan now of your work. barb

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