A menu of different tutorials that describe my materials and how I constructed an pieces and put together the diorama.  Most are written, but there are a few that are YouTube videos.


These are various 1:6 scale dioramas used in stories, or just for photo shoots.


Back in 2007-2008, I used to sew bedding and create Bed-In-A-Box creations and sell them as 'Stinker's Stuff'.  Here's a gallery of different photos I took to post on eBay for my sales. I no longer make doll beds, but it was a blast doing it, and it got me started on diorama building and story telling with 1:6 scale figures, so I'm very grateful for the experience.


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If you're interested in photography, diorama building, tutorials, miniatures and dollhouse design then this website may interest you.

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