Miscellaneous 1/6 Scale Dioramas

1:6 or Playscale (Barbie Sized) Dioramas Created for Stories or Doll Chat Sites:

Diorama Misc - 042

Diorama Misc - 043

Diorama Misc - 044

Diorama Misc - 045

Diorama Misc - 047

Diorama Misc - 048

Diorama Misc - 049

Diorama Misc - 054

Diorama Misc - 055

Diorama Misc - 057

Diorama Misc - 061

Diorama Misc - 064

Diorama Misc - 071

Diorama Misc - 070


Diorama Misc - 039

Diorama Misc - 038

Diorama Misc - 035

Diorama Misc - 003

Diorama Misc - 004

Diorama Misc - 005

Diorama Misc - 006

Diorama Misc - 008

Diorama Misc - 009

Diorama Misc - 010

Diorama Misc - 011

Diorama Misc - 012

Diorama Misc - 013

Diorama Misc - 014

Diorama Misc - 015

Diorama Misc - 017

Diorama Misc - 019

Diorama Misc - 022

Diorama Misc - 025

Diorama Misc - 026

Diorama Misc - 027

Diorama Misc - 029

Diorama Misc - 031

Diorama Misc - 032


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  1. 6-28-2013

    Hello Johanna

    I ordered a bed set from you about four years ago, which I still own. I think your dioramas are beautiful. You should think about selling dioramas.


    • 6-30-2013

      Thank you so much Monica. I’ve pondered selling dioramas, but haven’t overcome the issues of shipping them in parts, then giving specific Ikea-like instructions on how construct them for the buyer on their end. Not to mention, foam board doesn’t travel well. A little banging around and it’s got gouges and nicks. Thank you so much for the compliment. If I ever figure out a way, I will try it.


  2. 9-23-2013

    You are my hero! I love your dioramas and stories! So much so that you have inspired me to do a few of my own! Oh and your tutorials are amazing! I followed them to create my own dioramas. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent!!

    • 10-10-2013

      Thanks so much Phil! I can’t wait to attempt to make some new crazy diorama so I can write a tutorial. I’ll keep them coming.


  3. 1-7-2014

    Hello, I love love looking at all your Room’s, Were do you buy all the stuff for the Room’s Book’s lamps bedding ect?

    • 1-22-2014

      The books I made – (small rectangles of 1/4″ foam board), I printed out book covers from the internet, then cut them out, then wrapped and glued them around the foam board. The other items I get on line from eBay (Barbie sets) or 1/6 Scale action figure stores. There are so many places to buy 1/6 scale items, just Google “1:6 scale action figure” and you’ll find lots of stores. Thanks Terri

  4. 1-7-2014

    Hello, I love love looking at all your Room’s, what do you use for the wall’s and are you using just one room and redoing it?

    • 1-22-2014

      I usually use 20×30″ 1/4″ thick foam board for my walls, sometimes 1/2″ thick foam board if they have windows or doors cut into them. I can’t reuse any of my rooms because everything is taken down completely and new rooms are reassembled at later dates. Plus I have lots of different foam boards with different window/wall configurations, or wallpaper choices.

      Thanks for your comments Terri!


  5. 4-26-2014

    I am in love with your work. I am not very crafty but, you inspirer me to try. How did you make the living room set? do have a tutorial? Will you be doing a tutorial. Help

    • 5-3-2014

      Thanks so much Coreen. Any living room I make uses the same techniques as in all my tutorials, I pin foam board walls together, the Walls and Windows tutorial will go over doors, windows and wallpaper. And the furniture I just set up randomly. I get my furniture from ebay, and other on-line sources. Just Google 1/6 or 1:6 scale furniture and you’ll find all kinds of stuff out there. I hope that helps. JATMAN

  6. 9-8-2014

    I am ready to learn I have finally found a site that shares my passion for the love of dolls. I would love to apprentice under you seriously. I need you to teach me the ways lol. I am completely in love with everything you have posted,do you do this just for fun or have you made a business of it? I would love to be able to make money by playing with dolls lol. My husband picks on me all the time telling me I am too old to play with dolls and I tell him he is crazy lol. But truly amazing work you have a true talent and I have pulled so much knowledge from this site it is remarkable.

    • 9-11-2014

      Thanks so much Shandelynn. I do this for fun. I would love to get paid to at least break even. It would be my dream job to do stories like this for a living. I have so many stories in the cue that I don’t have time to do them all this year or next. You’re never too old to play with dolls, and they’re perfect to photograph…they don’t move once you pose them. Can’t beat that. Have fun! JATMAN

  7. 2-21-2015

    These dioramas are unbelievable! Like Shandelynn, I have a passion for the 1/6 scale and can’t get enough. I’ve searched so many sites and yours is remarkable. I would love to be able to do this but I am a novice and not sure where to begin. But I’m learning. It is so nice to know that there are like minded individuals out there that still enjoy the world of dolls.

    • 2-24-2015

      Thanks so much Gigi. I hope you jump right in and start making small dioramas. They’re so much fun and once you catch the bug, watch out. LOL. Thanks so much for your lovely words. JATMAN

  8. 3-24-2015

    I just pinned a couple of your photos on Pinterest, and then saw your note at the bottom about redistributing your photos. Would you like me to remove them? I follow you on Flickr, but didn’t realize you have this website, too, until I saw one of the photos on my Pinterest home page. Please let me know if you don’t want things pinned and I will make sure I remove them. I’m a huge fan of your work, by the way. 🙂

    • 3-26-2015

      Hi Ronda, Re-pinning on Pinterest is fine, just mention JATMANStories in the text if you could. Thanks so much for visiting my website and your kind words. JATMAN

      • 3-26-2015

        Okay, great, thanks! They’re a great addition to my 1:6th scale boards. I’ll make sure your info is on the pins, and they already link directly to your page. I can’t wait to see what you do next. 🙂 Ronda

  9. 4-27-2015

    Hi. Love your dioramas! Where did you find such amazing furniture? Also, I like your fireplaces, did you make them yourself?

    • 5-6-2015

      I’ve made a couple of fireplaces, but the ones I used the most I purchased from Byer’s choice and the large wall units with the book shelves are from Plaza Mildendo, who unfortunately are no longer making doll furniture. Google Byers Choice Accessories and you’ll find 2 different fireplaces on several stores on-line. Thanks for your well wishes, I’m feeling a lot better. Hugs, JATMAN

  10. 8-11-2015

    Thanks for posting your work!. I love your attention to detail, color choices and especially the times when you mention where some items were purchased. Your tutorials are very helpful. Even when you point out errors, I learn so much! Your work is beautiful, and I can hardly wait to see what comes next.

  11. 4-26-2016


  12. 2-4-2017

    Where do you keep all these dioramas?

    • 2-10-2017

      They all get taken down after I’m done filming in them. I live in a small apartment, there’s no room for any diorama to be up too long. Thanks for your post, Sherry!

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