Miscellaneous 1/6 Scale Dioramas

1:6 or Playscale (Barbie Sized) Dioramas Created for Stories or Doll Chat Sites:

Diorama Misc - 042

Diorama Misc - 043

Diorama Misc - 044

Diorama Misc - 045

Diorama Misc - 047

Diorama Misc - 048

Diorama Misc - 049

Diorama Misc - 054

Diorama Misc - 055

Diorama Misc - 057

Diorama Misc - 061

Diorama Misc - 064

Diorama Misc - 071

Diorama Misc - 070


Diorama Misc - 039

Diorama Misc - 038

Diorama Misc - 035

Diorama Misc - 003

Diorama Misc - 004

Diorama Misc - 005

Diorama Misc - 006

Diorama Misc - 008

Diorama Misc - 009

Diorama Misc - 010

Diorama Misc - 011

Diorama Misc - 012

Diorama Misc - 013

Diorama Misc - 014

Diorama Misc - 015

Diorama Misc - 017

Diorama Misc - 019

Diorama Misc - 022

Diorama Misc - 025

Diorama Misc - 026

Diorama Misc - 027

Diorama Misc - 029

Diorama Misc - 031

Diorama Misc - 032


Please do not copy or redistribute my photos or stories without express permission, © JATMAN Productions.


  1. 6-28-2013

    Hello Johanna

    I ordered a bed set from you about four years ago, which I still own. I think your dioramas are beautiful. You should think about selling dioramas.


    • 6-30-2013

      Thank you so much Monica. I’ve pondered selling dioramas, but haven’t overcome the issues of shipping them in parts, then giving specific Ikea-like instructions on how construct them for the buyer on their end. Not to mention, foam board doesn’t travel well. A little banging around and it’s got gouges and nicks. Thank you so much for the compliment. If I ever figure out a way, I will try it.


  2. 9-23-2013

    You are my hero! I love your dioramas and stories! So much so that you have inspired me to do a few of my own! Oh and your tutorials are amazing! I followed them to create my own dioramas. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible talent!!

    • 10-10-2013

      Thanks so much Phil! I can’t wait to attempt to make some new crazy diorama so I can write a tutorial. I’ll keep them coming.


  3. 1-7-2014

    Hello, I love love looking at all your Room’s, Were do you buy all the stuff for the Room’s Book’s lamps bedding ect?

    • 1-22-2014

      The books I made – (small rectangles of 1/4″ foam board), I printed out book covers from the internet, then cut them out, then wrapped and glued them around the foam board. The other items I get on line from eBay (Barbie sets) or 1/6 Scale action figure stores. There are so many places to buy 1/6 scale items, just Google “1:6 scale action figure” and you’ll find lots of stores. Thanks Terri

  4. 1-7-2014

    Hello, I love love looking at all your Room’s, what do you use for the wall’s and are you using just one room and redoing it?

    • 1-22-2014

      I usually use 20×30″ 1/4″ thick foam board for my walls, sometimes 1/2″ thick foam board if they have windows or doors cut into them. I can’t reuse any of my rooms because everything is taken down completely and new rooms are reassembled at later dates. Plus I have lots of different foam boards with different window/wall configurations, or wallpaper choices.

      Thanks for your comments Terri!


  5. 4-26-2014

    I am in love with your work. I am not very crafty but, you inspirer me to try. How did you make the living room set? do have a tutorial? Will you be doing a tutorial. Help

    • 5-3-2014

      Thanks so much Coreen. Any living room I make uses the same techniques as in all my tutorials, I pin foam board walls together, the Walls and Windows tutorial will go over doors, windows and wallpaper. And the furniture I just set up randomly. I get my furniture from ebay, and other on-line sources. Just Google 1/6 or 1:6 scale furniture and you’ll find all kinds of stuff out there. I hope that helps. JATMAN

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