Diorama building is a meditation for me. I try to keep my mind free of thought and I see what happens.  I’ve had 1-year of architecture in college, then I went into a completely different health related major, so I have no real construction or building abilities other than the self taught methods I use here.  I look on-line at woodworking tutorials to see how things are put together, but since I work out of  a tiny 0ne-bedroom fits all my doll stuff space, I have to use materials that can be disassembled easily.  You’ll notice quickly that foam board and contact paper are two of my favorite tools.  I can’t do without my Exacto knife.  I’ve surprised myself with how many things you can build with just those three tools. I hope the tutorials below give you ideas on your own dioramas. Thank you for viewing.

 Tutorials - Corporate Office

Tutorials - Light Rig 

Please do not copy or redistribute my photos or stories without express permission, © JATMAN Productions.


  1. 4-16-2013

    Thanks for sharing. This was very informative.

  2. 6-12-2013

    What an amazzzzzzing body of work. Can’t thank you enough for sharing!!!

    • 6-16-2013

      Thank you so much Diana! I truly appreciate your comments. JATMAN

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