Diorama building is a meditation for me. I try to keep my mind free of thought and I see what happens. I’ve had 1-year of architecture in college, then I went into a completely different health related major, so I have no real construction or building abilities other than the self taught methods I use here. I look on-line at woodworking tutorials to see how things are put together, but since I work out of a tiny 0ne-bedroom fits all my doll stuff space, I have to use materials that can be disassembled easily. You’ll notice quickly that foam board and contact paper are two of my favorite tools. I can’t do without my Exacto knife. I’ve surprised myself with how many things you can build with just those three tools. I hope the tutorials below give you ideas on your own dioramas. Thank you for viewing.


PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - 16th Century Bed - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Apartment - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Bank - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Bathrooms - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Boxing Ring 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Bunk Bed Wall  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Confessional Booth - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Corporate Office - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Elevator - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Front Entrance - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Kitchens - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Light Rig - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Mansion Stairs & Kitchen  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Photo Booth  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Photo Manipulation - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Recording Studio - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Staircases - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Stage & Theater Seats  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Walk In Closet - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Walls Windows Doors - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Wedding Gazebo - 01  PAGE ICONS LONG - Dio Tut - Where I Shop For 1


  1. 4-16-2013

    Thanks for sharing. This was very informative.

  2. 6-12-2013

    What an amazzzzzzing body of work. Can’t thank you enough for sharing!!!

    • 6-16-2013

      Thank you so much Diana! I truly appreciate your comments. JATMAN

  3. 6-15-2014

    New to the site and whoa! I need help, and I think I may have found the mother load of tips and tutorials! Thanks!

    • 6-15-2014

      Thanks Bobby! More tutorials are coming soon, the next being the Boxing Ring tutorial. I hope it helps you with your dioramas. JATMAN

  4. 1-31-2015

    I love your work. Send me more.

    • 2-12-2015

      Thanks Tracey, more is here. More coming. JATMAN

  5. 3-2-2015

    I love your work. It’s amazing and I could spend all day looking at it.

    • 3-16-2015

      Thank you so much Rita! Spend all the time you like. JATMAN

  6. 3-2-2015

    You are very talented and I appreciate your work.
    Thank you

    • 3-16-2015

      Thank you Rita. So kind. It’s appreciated. JATMAN

  7. 3-7-2015

    This is beyond amazing! I can’t even find words to describe how much I adore your work and your stories.

    I am in complete awe! Thank you ever so much for all this inspiration!

    • 3-16-2015

      Thanks so much Dani! I’m gushing over here. Stop it. I’m so happy to entertain in any way I can. Life is long, you need a good laugh, and often. It’s as good as an ‘apple a day’. I’ll keep the apples comin’. JATMAN

  8. 5-17-2015

    You are just awesome. And thanks for sharing how you do what you do. I love photographing my dolls and want to create sets. Always thought it would be expensive, buying premade sets, furniture, etc. but you’ve shown you can do it yourself and still look great.

    • 5-20-2015

      Thanks so much Mahleah. I’m always thrilled when I can help others build amazing sets. Check out my friend Stanjay on Flickr with her amazing handmade furniture for ideas: https://www.flickr.com/photos/106655363@N02/. She’s really getting into woodworking and makes amazing sets. I just make the sets. I’ve only made beds, and appliances, but no real furniture (couches are crazy hard). Good luck with your sets!! JATMAN

  9. 6-28-2015

    Hi Jatman,

    Just thought you should know that when I click on the link/button/photo for the “Staircase” tutorials, it takes me to the “Recording Studio” tutorial instead! I’m sure it’s just a problem with the linking but I figured you may want to know. Keep up the good work!

  10. 10-17-2016

    Never Seen before, waaaauw. I can’t thank you enough for sharing!
    You’re a genius!!!

    • 10-20-2016

      Thanks Annick!

  11. 3-30-2017

    WOW WOW WOW – Thank you so much for sharing your gift – inspirational – dinomite- Frank

    • 3-31-2017

      Thanks so very much Frank!! I appreciate it! JATMAN

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