Diorama Tutorial on How I Built the 2 Bedroom 1 Bath Apartment for “Team RoomMate”

Tutorial - Apartment 01

Tutorial - Apartment 02

Tutorial - Apartment 03

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Tutorial - Apartment 13

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  1. 1-3-2015

    Simply elegant. Is this based on a magazine or something?

    • 1-4-2015

      The floor plan is based on my apartment, it’s smaller, but nicer (wish I had that kitchen). It’s not an exact replica because I had to fit it on my table, so I made creative license with it. Thanks so much for your comment Chris! JATMAN

  2. 1-3-2015

    I am definately marking your blog. I can’t wait to see the ‘how to’ video. I’m feeling inspired for 2015!! Thank you for sharing!

    • 1-4-2015

      Thanks so much LeeAnn! JATMAN

  3. 1-13-2015

    Oh!!! This is fabulous! Like you, this should be a replica of my place and my dolls. I sure want to try something like this.

    • 1-22-2015

      Please do try it. It’s tons of fun and it’s really cool seeing a smaller version of where you live. Thanks for your comments! JATMAN

  4. 1-13-2015

    Love it all, brilliant tile paper what a find. Hugs from Hot and steamy Queensland.

    • 1-15-2015

      Hugs back from getting too darn hot in the winter Southern California. Thanks so much for you comments! JATMAN

  5. 1-13-2015

    I adore your work

    • 1-15-2015

      Thank you, Mary! JATMAN

  6. 1-13-2015

    I love love your tutorials! Your work is awesome.

    • 1-15-2015

      Thank you Vickey! You’re awesome. JATMAN

  7. 1-14-2015

    What a fantastic design you are very clever

    • 1-15-2015

      Thank you Pabboo! Love the name. JATMAN

  8. 1-15-2015

    Love your work and your details are amazing.

    • 1-22-2015

      Thank you Cynthia. I appreciate it. JATMAN

  9. 1-16-2015

    So inspiring!

    • 1-22-2015

      Thank you Verna! JATMAN

  10. 1-23-2015

    Did you find the tub at Michael’s and how long ago? I haven’t seen anything like that in ours. Do you find the thicker foam board works better? I mostly use the 3/16 bc it’s cheaper and easier to find. I’m trying to make an apt for a character but I just can’t settle on a design that feels right. You know how some things just fall into place? Not this one. Sigh. Just a suggestion for your shower curtain rings–get some 16G aluminum wire (or the copper core colored stuff; JoAnn’s generally has lots) and make some large jump rings using a dowel the size you want for a mandrel and just punch tiny holes in the curtain to thread them through and then string on the dowel.

  11. 7-5-2015

    I would absolutely LOVE to make a unit similar to yours. I have a couple of questions for you. How do you get your contact paper to stick if it doesn’t come with an adhesive. Also, how do you fold the corners. I tried to do a Kitchen island and it looked like it was gift wrapped. Thank you in advance for your advice!

    • 7-5-2015

      Thanks Tracy! I never use contact paperer without adhesive, if it doesn’t stick, I move on to one that does. You’ll just waste a lot of time and gain frustration trying to use glue or tape or anything else without adhesive. Glue leaves nice lumpy trails underneath making it obvious. As far as corners go, I cut the corners out and leave only the contact paper that is going the same direction to be folded over. Scroll down a bit in this tutorial to the picture of the board almost wrapped int brown wood contact paper. Or go to the Corporate Office tutorial where I show how I cut the white contact paper to wrap around windows. I hope that helps! JATMAN

  12. 5-6-2016

    Thanks for sharing this! Your apartment turned out great. Really enjoyed seeing how you built your kitchen and bathroom. I keep thinking maybe I’ll try to make my own dollhouse, but I’ve never built anything. Your tutorial makes me think I should give it a try and at least see what happens.

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