The TV show that looks for the next big reality show stars. Unfortunately it's pretty incompetent in finding them.


Dolly versions of me, and my sister-in-law Claudia attempting to cook... I wouldn't eat it, if I were you.


Episode 1-5 of the reality show "Cougar Bachelorette" where a divorced, mature woman tries dates with 10 single men in their 20's who are looking for a sugar mama.  Will she find love? Or is her ex-husband still hanging on?


Episode 6-11 which include a Star Wars wedding, a rap video and reunion episode.  Craziness to the max as the men are weeded down to the winner.


One of my older shows, switching husbands with eccentric personalities turns into four crazy episodes.  Cancelled... we couldn't keep the hosts, Carlos the Great and Dr. Phil Hughes sober long enough to film any more episodes.


It doesn't pay to be a former 80's rock star when you're on a reality show looking for love. Especially when the show's producers and hosts are Carlos the Great and Claudia the strong.  Only a few episodes made it before it was cancelled, but they make a lasting impression.


A Christmas game show that got cancelled before it's second episode.  Ever wonder what would happen in a fight between Han Solo & Captain Kirk? No, we didn't really get either of them, but we do have beefy, hot guys dressed up like them fighting...sort of.


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