I'm hooked in a big way lately to Korean TV shows. I've been watching them on-line and they're a cross between Doris Day/Rock Hudson movies with a little Lucille Ball slapstick in a modern world.  Everything is innocent, sweet and romantic with a little Pride and Prejudice Mr. Darcy thrown in.  Being a huge Jane Austin fan, these appeal to me.  I thought I'd try making my own Korean series in English.  I used Korean names, which are Last Name-First Name spelled out. They formally address each other by Last name first, and informally by first name only.  They usually have 16-25 episodes for one season then the story if over. I'm going to keep the episode number under 10.   These were fun to film and write. I hope you enjoy them

Korean drama about an event planner and a rich heir mesmerized by her.  His mother doesn't approve and an arranged marriage to an appropriate girl is in the works.


Find out who ends up with who, and what will his mother do about it? Or will she be preoccupied with a new interest of her own?


Two K-Pop groups, one male and one female train for fame in South Korea.

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