K-Pop Me  – Episodes 10-12


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Aries Integrity Toys AYUMI – Power House on Dynamite Girl Body
Orion WON BIN – V4 Kumik Custom Repaint
Libra Integrity Toys KYORI – Fame Fable by Fashion Royalty
Hercules DANIEL HENNEY – DollsFigure Headsculpt on COO Models 10″ Tall body
Leo MAX CHANGMIN – K-Pop Group TVXQK Kumik KM13-60 head on COO Models Body
Virgo KIM SOO HYUN – Love From Another Star TITToys
Crux JAY CHOW – Enterbay World Tour Edition 2008 Cowboy Version
Gemini Integrity Toys AYUMI – First Blush by Nu Face on Dynamite Girl Body
Lynx Integrity Toys AYUMI – London By Night by Fashion Royalty
Taurus Mattel Barbie Fan BingBing on Integrity Monogram Body
Manager An Hea Integrity Toys KYORI – Idol Worship by Fashion Royalty
Manager Park Sung LEE BYUNG HUN – V5 Hot Toys GI Joe – Storm Shadow
CEO Lee Ja Integrity Toys KYORI – Deceptively Yours by Fashion Royalty
President Lee So TONY LEUNG – Go A Head Sculpt on Hot Toys Body
Samantha “Sam” Kumik – Korean Girl K58
Choreographer Moon NON-CELEBRITY – Very Cool Toys – WeFire Light Speed Boy
Teacher Park Ki Integrity Toys KYORI – And Another Thing by Fashion Royalty
Wind WON BIN – V1 Kumik Man From Nowhere
Blogger 1 Integrity Toys AYUMI – Luminous on FR Lucy Body by Fashion Royalty (Reroot by Terry)
Blogger 2 Integrity Toys KYORI – Dangerous To Know by Fashion Royalty
Park Cho KEN WATANABE – Headplay on Triad Omega Body
Kim Sam STEPHEN CHOW – Headplay on Triad Omega Body
Kim Yoon Integrity Toys KYORI – Faded Desert by Fashion Royalty
Kim Joo Integrity Toys KYORI – Deceptively Yours by Fashion Royalty, Rerooted, eyes repainted on Dynamite Girl body


Sets By

All Sets by JATMAN

Bedding Made by JATMAN

Furniture & Accessories By

Bashette Ironworks

Buyer’s Choice

CraftyJake on eBay

Doll Furniture 27 FR-27 on Ebay

Food by daisy13joyce on eBay

ItsPerfectlyPetite on Etsy

ModScale1to6 on Etsy

OneInNature on Etsy

Planet Janet

PureDreams for Dolls on Ebay
T Toy Model

Very Cool

Weavers UpholsteryTwo


Women’s Fashions By

Antonio Realli

Clear Lan

Coragugu2009 on Ebay

ElenPriv on Etsy

FashionBySabine on Etsy (Lingerie)


Integrity Toys

JATMAN (All Trixie’s Originals)


Monaeglow on Ebay

RimDoll on Etsy


T.D. Fashiondolls on Ebay

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Exsyntrik-Jewelry by JoyJems

Integrity Toys


Petite Designs

Scary Doll Person

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ACI/Wild Toys


Integrity Toys


MiniBarbie on eBay


ZY Toys