‘Team Husband’ – Episodes 13 – 14 

This story is NOT for children.  Over 16 Years of age please, sexual orientation topic matter, sexual content and mild nudity ahead. (Rating: 9:00 pm major network television show with adult content)


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Brendan Rivera JAMES FRANCO – Hot Toys Green Goblin
Tracie ‘Trixie’ Yates Integrity AGNES -The Royal Weiss By Integrity Fashion Royalty Lips painted, reroot by Terry
November Halstead AARON TAYLOR-JOHNSON – Hot Toys Avengers ‘QuickSilver’ on COO body
Jessica Kipling Integrity Toys VANESSA – Star Power by Fashion Royalty
Felice Yates Integrity GISELLE – Live, Work, Play! by Integrity Nu Face (Reroot by Terry)
Dean Kowalski KARL URBAN – TS  Dark Soldier
Keane Rivera NON-CELEBRITY – Hot Toys TrueType Caucasian
Antonio Moretti ERIC BANA – DAM – US Army Soldier Delta Force Sgt. First Class Task Ranger 
Natalie Kowalski Tianyimaei OB on Obitsu Body
Pepper Kowalski Mattell – Kelley Wilma Flintstone on Obitsu Body
Timmy Kowalski Mattel – Tommy Fred Flintsone on Obitsu Body
Frank Rivera-Moretti DID – WWII 12th SS Panzer Division Timo Ducca ‘Hermann Weber’ Head 3
Paul Rivera-Moretti DID – WWII 12th SS Panzer Division Timo Ducca ‘Hermann Weber’ Head 2
Victor Hernandez CRISTIANO RONALDO – KODOXO Head on COO Body (World Cup)
Grandma Yates Integrity Toys AGNES – High Visibility By Fashion Royalty (Reroot by Terry)
Grandma Rivera Integrity Toys ANJA – A Woman Who Thinks by on a DG Body
Grandma Moretti Integrity Toys NATALIA – Hot Property by Fashion Royalty
Jules Wendall Integrity EDEN – Lead Singles by Integrity Nu Face (Reroot by Terry)
Joel Hamilton ANDREW GARFIELD – Custom Head Sweet Castle of toy on a Hot Toys TrueType regular body.
Reggie Hayes NON-CELEBRITY – Mattel Ken Texas A&M
Skylar Woods NON-CELEBRITY – Mattel Ken Harley Davidson 2010
Hayden NON-CELEBRITY – Integrity Toys  Ace McFly Planet of The Dolls Workshop
Martaine NON-CELEBRITY – Integrity Toys  Declan Wake Color Infusion
Tea Foster Integrity Toys ELYSE JOLIE – Key Pieces by Fashion Royalty
Adore Integrity TILDA – Color Infusion By Integrity Fashion Royalty
Milan Integrity Toys American Horror Story FIONA GOOD (Jessica Lang)
Brisbane Integrity Toys RAYNA – Mad Love by Nu Face 
Kia Integrity Toys AYUMI – Total Betty by Nu Face
Bette Himura Integrity KYORI – Faded Desert by Integrity Fashion Royalty
Dahlia Moore Integrity EUGENIA – City Prowl by Integrity Fashion Royalty
Aunt Inez Integrity Toys AGNES – Sister Moguls By Fashion Royalty
Cousin Alexandria Integrity Toys AGNES – Live, Love & Lace by Fashion Royalty
Cousin Una Integrity Toys GISELLE – Sister Moguls by Nu Face
Liza (Model) Integrity Toys NADJA – Out of Sight by Nu Face
Star – infamous model Mattel Barbie ‘Queen of the Constellations’ on Integrity Toys FR2 Body


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