When a rich woman's much younger, gold-digging husband starts to cheat, she goes to extremes to get him out of her life, and pays the price.


The first public spaceship ride to orbit the Earth is taking it's test flight in a week.  The owner and inventor of the ship just has to make it alive through that week before the competition steals his first 'man on the moon' moment. Will his private security keep him and his family safe?


The sabotage continues, as they find out who's behind it all, and what they have to do to get the Orbital 1 off the ground successfully.


A newlywed wife starts to find out disturbing things about her new husband within their first month of marriage.  She and her lifelong best friend are quickly embroiled in law breaking chaos that threatens to tear their lives apart.


With the help of the FBI and a private investigator, Fiona and Sky are quickly gaining ground and close in on her groom.


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