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  1. 5-24-2014

    This is exciting Johanna, The best of luck

    • 5-25-2014

      Thanks so very much Christopher! JATMAN

  2. 6-6-2014

    Love seeing your new episodes….

    • 6-7-2014

      Thanks so much John! I have some stories with your couches in them!! I’m so excited. Hugs, JATMAN

  3. 6-6-2014

    Hi Jan
    Great stuff .. amazing, really!


    • 6-21-2014

      Thanks Sandi! JATMAN

  4. 6-6-2014

    Hi Jan
    Great stuff .. amazing, really!


    • 6-7-2014

      Thanks so much Sandi! JATMAN

  5. 6-7-2014

    Looking forward to all your great stories!

    • 6-8-2014

      Thank you so much Mary! I’ll keep em’ coming, I hope you like them. JATMAN

  6. 2-12-2015

    I love everything that you do. I need to organize and store all my doll’s clothes, shoes, purses and accessories. Your girls wear nothing but the best high-end fashions but I need some ideals and getting my stuff together once and for all. Can you please suggest something and maybe show pictures as an example what to do

    • 2-20-2015

      Yeah… my hurricane of a room is way past cute enough to take photos of. It’s like a doll explosion happened up in here. I have a LOT of large Rubbermaid drawer cabinets, over 12 of them stacked 2 high. I use a lot of boxes from Ikea, and sometimes huge Rubbermaid bins and Hefty zipper sealed plastic bags for all my diorama trinkets, clothing, and general stuff. It’s all in a place where I can find it…but it’s not pretty. LOL. I wish you the best of luck and hope you never get to the obsessive, hoarder, plays-with-dolls-too-much phase of life I’m at. I’ve come to realize there will be no organization good enough to make me look sane and clutter free. Thanks for you post. JATMAN

  7. 10-11-2015

    I’m so glad I found out about you !

    • 10-15-2015

      Thanks so much, Ronald!

  8. 5-4-2016

    I am so excited to have found you site. You are so detailed in your work and have taught me so much. LOVE all that you do for the Barbies.
    Thank You Jatman

    • 5-5-2016

      Thanks so much Janice! JATMAN

  9. 7-19-2017

    I am interested in the children in your stories. Can you please tell me more.

    • 7-21-2017

      Emailed you! JATMAN

  10. 9-5-2017

    Hi, I’m hoping you can help me out with a “figure” question. Have you tried putting any of the newer “Ken doll” heads onto 1/6 scale action figure bodies? I have a (Barbie) Rock Hudson head and am wanting to put it on an articulated body (but don’t know which to look at). Do you have any suggestions for me to checkout? Thanks!

    • 9-8-2017

      Hi Lula,

      I emailed you. I haven’t tried removing the newer Ken heads. Sorry. It’s on my list of things to try. I’ll keep you posted if I do in the future.

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