Situation Comedy Genre Video Trailers:


‘Team Husband; Episode 13-14 Here:





‘Team Husband’ Episodes 10-12 here:






‘TEAM HUSBAND’ Episodes 7 to 9 here:







‘TEAM HUSBAND’ Episodes 4 to 6 here:







‘TEAM HUSBAND’ Episodes 1 to 3 here:









Team RoomMate – Episodes 9-10 Here:

 PAGE ICONS LONG - Team RoomMate E9-10 02


Team RoomMate – Episodes 7-8 Here:

PAGE ICONS LONG - Team RoomMate E7-8 01


Team RoomMate – Episodes 4-6 Here

PAGE ICONS LONG - Team RoomMate E4-6 01



Team RoomMate – Episodes 1-3 Here:

PAGE ICONS LONG - Team RoomMate E1-3 01

Team RoomMate – Episodes 7-10 Here


  1. 1-24-2015

    Looks good Johanna. Looking forward to see how it goes

  2. 2-7-2015

    Looking like fun! I hope she doesn’t hate him when she learns the truth! Or is he having so much fun that she’s turning him?!??!! LOL Can’t wait to see the full episode!

    • 2-12-2015

      Thanks Michael! Latest is up. JATMAN

  3. 2-20-2015

    Ohhhh noooooo…don’t do it ….nooooooo…you know she’s gonna find out anyway. Ugggggh…lol 😉

    • 2-20-2015

      Thanks so much! LOL. Don’t worry I have more mayhem to cause first before she finds out. Thanks for looking! JATMAN

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