Two recently dumped people, she needs a roommate to pay the rent, he needs a place to stay after his ex stole all his money.  She only wants a straight female or gay male. He's gonna have to act gay to put a roof over his head.


Episode 4 through 6 of Team RoomMate continue the deception and craziness, as it gets harder to keep up the ruse.


Episodes 7-8, The tension builds as feelings are made known and the love triangle intensifies.


Team RoomMate Episode 9-10, the exciting Finale. 


Team Husband Episode 1 - 3, Season 2 for 'Team RoomMate', what are Trixie, Brendan and the rest of the gang doing 7 years later?

Trixie and Brendan take her sister's kids for the weekend.  They were not prepared for this.

The 'Plan' is bringing jealous to a dramatic turn.

Love is in the air!

The finale! 

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