Saturday 1/13/2018

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‘Team Husband’ Finale Episode 14 STORY is up here:

Here’s more photos from the very last episode:


I’m working hard to recover from my surgery.  I’m going back to work on Monday.  I can move around a lot better, but I still can’t laugh without intense pain.  I hope that goes away soon, I LOVE to laugh. 

Thanks so much for reading my stories and my BLOG!!! I truly appreciate it.  I’ve got another story, and a tutorial or two coming.  I’ll get them out as fast as my health will let me.  I will take next week off from posting, maybe two.  We’ll see how it goes, then I’m back to it.  

Check my COMING SOON Page to see what I have next on my schedule. 


I’ve got one last new girl for a while.  I’m slowing way down on new purchases and working with what I have now. 

Agnes Merveilleuse Is in the house:


Adele, Erin and Rayna that arrived recently wanted to get in on the photo shoot:



Saturday 1/6/2018

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‘Team Husband’ Episode 14 Finale VIDEO is up here:

Here’s photos from next week’s Finale episode:


What a crazy couple of weeks I’ve had.  I’m at home recovering from my gall bladder being removed and it’s a sloooooooowww heal.  Being disappointed with my body isn’t moving the healing along either, found that out the hard way.  I’m learning lots of lessons on letting go of control.  

I finally got these new girls after so many months of waiting, and I pushed myself to photograph them, and paid dearly afterwards.  You can view the beauty without feeling my pain. Introducing Fashion Royalty Agnes ‘La Femme’, NuFace Erin ‘Heiress’ and NuFace Rayna ‘Neo Romantic’:

My weekly posting schedule might be thrown off by my illness after I get ‘Team Husband’s’ finale up next week.  But I’m going to do my best keep the train of stories coming.  I thank you ahead of time for you patience.  

Thursday 12/28/2017

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I had plans to take the week of Christmas off from posting stories.  But I was unable to update my website saying it because my Christmas surprise this year was ending up in the emergency room with a gall bladder that was poised to burst.  Luckily I had surgery the very next day and I’m at home recovering.  

My advice to anyone over 40, if you get pains on the right side under your breast after you eat any type of greasy food, go see a doctor as soon as possible and tell them to check out your gall bladder. I’ve known more people that have had this organ removed than their appendix.  I had no idea that besides stones, the gall bladder can get infected and swollen like a balloon.  All in all, my hospital rocked and they took very good care of me.  This is my PSA for you all, hopefully it will help someone else as well.  

I’m definitely on the mend, but my entire abdomen hurts (4 holes made to get in their with a camera), so no doll stuff for a few days.  I’m going to also take the week of New Year’s off for posting new stories to recuperate.  But I’ll be back by January 6th. 

Happy New Year to all!!!

Saturday 12/16/2017

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‘Team Husband’ Episode 13 STORY is up here:

Here’s more photos from this week’s story:

Only 1 episode left of ‘Team Husband’! Wow.  Life is making fall behind in my schedule.  I’ve got to get working on my next series.  I’ll be taking at least a week off after the last episode 14 of ‘Team Husband’ airs.  

I’ll keep you posted on future stories!  Have a great weekend.

Saturday 12/9/2017

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‘Team Husband’ Episode 13 VIDEO Trailer is up here:

Here’s photos from next week’s episode:



This year’s been VERY sparse as far as buying anything doll related.  Every once in a while I’ll buy a new head sculpt for new actors to my guild.  I’m very behind in introducing new actors.  You’ve already seen one of these guys in a story (Ioan in Image Eternal), my apologies for waiting so many months to introduce them.  I was having too much fun in Filter Forge 7.0 so the photos are highly stylized. 

Ioan Gruffudd – He’s a British actor that was in ‘Fantastic 4’, ‘King Arthur’ and the TV Shows ‘Forever’ & ‘Ringer’ with Sarah Michelle Geller that I wish would have gone at least to season 2.   He’s a DAM Toys British Army in Afganistan action figure:


NBA Basketball Players: Stephen Curry & Kevin Durant, both customized heads from eBay.  The Enterbay NBA basketball action figures were fabulous and extremely expensive.  So now vendors are starting to make much cheaper copies that still photograph really well.  Their head joints aren’t optimal, but luckily they have rubber insoles in their skulls that slide right out and I can wrap a lot of masking tape around a hot toys ball neck to make the heads fit.  If all else fails, Jimmy-rig it.   I’m just happy both skin tones work with the two COO bodies I have.  Stephen fits well on a tan Caucasian body, and Kevin is dark enough to almost match the COO African-American body. 


Stephen Curry:

Kevin Durant:


Saturday 12/2/2017

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‘Team Husband’ Episode 12 STORY is up here:

Here’s more photos from this week’s episode:

‘Teal Husband’ only has 3 episodes left!!! I can’t believe it’s almost over.  I had such a fun time filming and writing this series.  I hope you all enjoyed it.  I’m in the writing phase of my next 12-episode series ‘Sell Me’ which will start in February, a few weeks after ‘Team Husband’ ends.  I’ll start posting promotional picks for that when it gets closer. 

When I finish that series, I’m thinking of doing a part 2 to ‘The Belt’ about the boxers, because I want to use boxing ring again.  I have remind myself how much work it was putting it together, and clothing the audience for fight scenes… oye.  I’ll have to ponder whether I have the energy.. LOL.  I have so many stories in my back queue it’s hard to choose which ones to do next.  I’ll keep you posted!! Have a great week.

Saturday 11/18/2017

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‘Team Husband’ Episode 12 VIDEO is up here:

Here’s photos from next week’s episode:

It’s Thanksgiving Day week in the US, and I’m off work the whole week!!! Yippee, Let’s see how much stuff I get done. I’m falling way behind on my schedule.  I’m working on a 12 episode series to run after this one called ‘Sell Me’ about Real Estate agents falling in love.  Then I think I’ll start the sequel to ‘The Belt’ and take out the boxing ring again for one last use… just gotta remember how to put it back together again LOL.  I’m working on tutorials on how I pose my dolls, set up dioramas and edit my photographs.  I’ve got one out of three done, so they’ll trickle in between the story episodes.  

I’ve updated my Coming Soon Page Here:

I don’t think I’ll get a JATMAN Awards in 2018, maybe in 2019. 

Have a great holiday week!


Saturday 11/11/2017

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‘Team Husband’ Episode 11 STORY is up:

Here’s more photos from this week’s episode:

Holidays are coming, so I may need to take a week off for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but don’t worry.  More stories coming!!!a




Saturday 11/4/2017

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‘Team Husband’ Episode 11 VIDEO is here:


Here’s photos from next week’s episode:


This is episode 11 of 14, so more coming!


Saturday 10/21/2017

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 ‘Image Eternal’ Episode 2 Finale STORY is here: 

Here’s more photos from this week’s 2nd and final episode:

I’ll return to the continuing story of ‘Team Husband’ next week!  Happy Halloween to all!!